Adamari López tattoos the nipples of her breasts 16 years after having a mastectomy

Adamari López tattoos the nipples of her breasts 16 years after having a mastectomy

Adamari Lopez |  Mix it up.

Adamari Lopez | Mix it up.

Photo: Adamari López | Mix it up. / Mezcalor

Through your Facebook accountAdamari López shares and shows the preview of a dream that she wanted to fulfill for a long time: she tattoos the nipples of her breasts 16 years after having a mastectomyafter being diagnosed with cancer.

It is something that I expected a long time ago, having removed my breasts I also lost my nipplesthey will do a spectacular job tattooing my nipples”, she says and you can see the emotion on her face while her tattoo artist gives her the previous instructions.

How was the process? After making the decision, do an investigation of professionals specialized in this type of unique tattoos, Adamari made the decision to do what for years has been a debt to herself.

After so long, I’m going to have something that, even if it’s a tattoo, will give me security and make me feel more sensual“, explained Adamari while the specialist took the measurements.

Why the measures? Because It will be an artistic work, because as Ada herself explained, her nipples were removed, so they will have to be invented through tattooing.

The tattoo artist explained to Adamari that they usually choose the highest part to draw them, but in their case, one of their breasts is different from the other so they will have an effect such that, although it seems that it is done higher up, it will be even.

Adamari promised to show and tell how he experienced the process in another video.

Let us remember that in 2005, after undergoing a study for a lump that she had found in one of her breasts, she received the news that she had cancer.r. At that time, she was in a relationship with Luis Fonsi, who paused her career to accompany her.

After healing and as part of preventing recurrence, Adamari, with the help of Fonsi, decided to have a radical mastectomy, from that moment, she always had pending what is already a fact: having her nipples in an artistic way.


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