Adhocracy in business: what is it?

Adhocracy in business: what is it?

Companies have, as a general rule, always applied a so-called “bureaucratic” organizational system. That is to say a system characterized by a structured organization with strict standards to be respected. As for adhocracy, it plays on action. It can be used to carry out a specific project and to solve a temporary problem. For this, it practices the progressive advancement of the project and calls on a team of experts to highlight the talents of each one.

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What is corporate adhocracy?

Adhocracy in business reflects a real ideology of different work. Indeed, implementing an adhocratic model within a team is a way of conceptualizing goals differently. This is a specific organization in which the stakeholders form a team of experts in order to establish a single strategy. A strategy aimed at achieving specific objectives or solving an existing problem in the company. This team can be formed, for example, of experts in a particular specialty, technicians, managers, etc. but all of them have highly sought-after qualities and above all are experts in their field. They are therefore called upon to form a team in order to pool their knowledge and skills. They are not under any hierarchy and make the decisions themselves. These contributors have a well-defined mission within the company and they have complete freedom to achieve the objectives set. The system of adhocracy therefore does not provide for any directives to be issued to the team put in place, nor even for any usual process to be followed. The experts evolve on their own and in stages without intervening at any time in the usual operation of the company. There is no question in this system of following a pre-established plan or an ideal model with a solution. The team administers its mission within its own organizational framework and with its exclusive working methods. It also adapts its way of working according to the results obtained as the mission progresses. Adhocracy is a system where people come first and where community must lead to success. The speakers can thus share their skills, their knowledge, exchange, but above all give free rein to their creativity in order to carry out the planned project. Everyone’s talents are used in a constructive and innovative way.

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For the adhocratic system to work, it is important to follow a few principles above all. The choice of professionals is essential before forming a team. The business manager or the person in charge of recruiting must be objective in choosing competent experts. Once the team is formed, its autonomy must last over time until the end of the mission. Obviously the stakeholders are in direct and permanent contact with the manager, but they are the only decision-makers. Adhocracy does not provide for the intervention of an authority during the mission. This is the main characteristic of the team. Each participant knows that he is working on his area of ​​expertise, but keep in mind that this is a collective mission. All agreed to carry out a project according to common strategic objectives. In order to highlight innovation within the realization of the project, the professionals are also in permanent contact. They exchange and transmit their information regularly, transparently and totally informally. Finally, the team is completely autonomous. It does not depend on any other service and does not follow the standards in force in place in the company. Adhocracy is characterized as a real model of innovation with significant advantages for the company that uses it.

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What is the interest of adhocracy in a company?

Adopting adhocracy within the company represents the opportunity to promote a process of development, but also to be innovative. Indeed, the team set up to carry out the mission is made up of real experts leading many reflections and studies throughout the project. They have an ability to seek out new possibilities and to make “better” become “better”. They organize moments dedicated to questions and know how to detect and analyze the most appropriate solutions.

Adhocracy very often makes it possible to gain in speed and to be efficient in terms of achieving objectives. As the team of experts is not under any hierarchy or process control, it is completely free to carry out its activity without constraints. What characterizes the strength of adhocracy is a dynamic team without any pressure or accountability to management. Each professional is free to think about and test the solutions found to promote performance in carrying out the project. Adhocracy thus prevents micromanagement from interfering in the project.

The experts forming the team are all creative above all and know how to put their talent at the service of the project to be achieved. The total autonomy set up with the adhocracy allows everyone to express themselves completely independently. Ideas are therefore not restricted and can flow between each stakeholder in a fluid and non-judgmental manner. The spirit of initiative is all the more reinforced and risk-taking does not scare them.

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Finally, an interest specific to adhocracy is its flexible side. Indeed, today each participant is able to adapt to any situation and also takes advantage of this total autonomy to arrange their agenda in the way they wish. This offers him the opportunity to maintain a fulfilling personal life and to practice outdoor activities by planning his own agenda. Each stakeholder therefore benefits from a privileged work rhythm allowing him to be twice as efficient as in a bureaucratic system.

Adhocracy represents one of the best systems for carrying out a project. It promotes the development of skills and brings a new impetus of creativity and innovation within the company. However, it is essential to understand the project well, to define specific objectives to be achieved, but also to form a team made up of competent experts.

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