Adobe Flash is officially over for everyone

Adobe Flash Player

In 2010, while he was still at the head of Apple, its CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs chose to no longer integrate technology Flash in the next devices of its brand. iPhone, iPad and even Mac: each machine stamped with a head logo must now compose without the solution that still propels hundreds of thousands of services.

Since then, however, most developers have chosen to turn to the alternative of HTML5. It is thus found behind most of the web pages that you visit from the proprietary Safari browser. But a few die-hards, on other platforms, continued to bet on Adobe.

Edge and Chrome also affected

If for the majority of Apple Flash subscribers is therefore only a distant memory, at Windows or Google, support for the plugin has therefore officially ended since the December 31, 2020. The date had already been announced by the publisher, thus giving the affected sites time to get up to speed.

So be careful if this reader is still installed on your machine: it can no longer count on any update of security. Potential technical failures are also no longer covered. Adobe, for its part, is now betting mainly on its Creative Cloud subscribers.

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