Advertising brochure: the essential points

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The advertising brochure plays a major role in the popularization strategy of your company’s activities. Intended to promote your services and / or products, it is one of the tools in your communication arsenal. Here is a detailed update on this important document.

Functions of an advertising brochure

The advertising brochure or even commercial brochure plays three fundamental roles. It constitutes a presentation medium for your company’s services and / or products to potential consumers.

The commercial brochure represents a basic document that serves as support for sales representatives of your company as part of a prospecting operation. Ultimately, it promotes the development or enhancement of the image of your company or your brand.

Who is an advertising brochure for?

You will certainly have understood that. The advertising brochure is edited for your customers that constitute your intended targets. So, it is up to the company which aims to produce it to properly define the recipients. This task should be studied to avoid unnecessarily allocating a budget for such support.

When should you design an advertising brochure?

In view of the main functions played by the support, a advertising brochure constitutes a document to be held at all times. Whether your company is at the project stage, at the beginning or even already existing, publishing a commercial brochure with your image is not a bad idea.

There is therefore no right or even ideal time to design such a support. As long as there is a market to conquer or to reach a target or a fixed clientele, we highly recommend it.

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The creation of an advertising brochure in a few key steps

Like any important document, the design of a advertising brochure requires mastery of certain key stages. We give you the secrets of the realization of this tool in these points below:

  • Development of objectives;
  • Study of Competition ;
  • development of the plan;
  • color selection;
  • the choice of visuals and images to use;
  • Formatting ;
  • the impression.

Each of the steps must benefit from applied work so that the final rendering is of superior quality.

In the process of developing any commercial brochure, there is a tool that should be used so that it is as relevant as possible: the 5W rule.

This rule is intended to provide information on 5 components:

  • Who: who are you ?
  • What: the good and / or service you offer;
  • When: when is this good and / or service accessible?
  • Where : Where can they be found ?
  • Why: for what need (s)?

Developing the objectives of the advertising brochure

This is the very first and most important step. It even comes as a prelude to the development of the content and design of the commercial brochure. It aims to provide concise answers to the following questions:

  • Who is the advertising brochure for? ? You must precisely identify the target, their expectations, their difficulties or the advantages that your services or products will bring them.
  • What are the goals pursued ? At this level, your objectives are obviously to promote your services and / or products. If this step is successful, it will cause an impact on the end consumer. The latter will try to buy your products or services, or at least to call you back for more information.
  • On what occasions will your media be shared ? We suggest occasions such as trade fairs, business meetings, display desks at partner companies or even the Internet with its PDF format.
  • What budget to allocate to this project ?
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The varied answers from the previous questions will help to trace the contours of the document. From these will emerge, for example, the type of medium best suited to your advertising brochure. You could also deduce the planning, content or even design required.

The study of competition

Upstream of the design of the advertising brochure, the intelligible approach is to investigate your main competitors and their communication approaches. From these investigations, we advise you to draw the useful elements to stand out from them without straying from your code of conduct.

Developing your plan

In order to build a advertising brochure structured, we show you some tips to help you get through this step. Here they are :

  • The activity you carry out : with a quick glance at your document, your prospect must instantly identify the products and / or services you offer;
  • Interests for consumers : your prospects must understand the benefits that are due to them if they use your services or if they consume your articles;
  • Elements of trust : your advertising brochure must highlight your credibility. To do this, inform the customer by giving your names, the important figures on your brand and your experiences if necessary. Don’t skimp on any data that will reassure the prospect.
  • The call to action : use your imagination to encourage consumers to sign up for your services and buy your items.
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At the end of this process, you should come up with a well-organized plan that reflects the ideals of your business.

Color selection

In case your company already has its visual identity, we advise you to use the colors of your graphic charter so that your communication is coherent. Conversely, you will have to select from a range of colors.

We suggest that you draw from the list of dyes in your logo or take inspiration from the colors used in your profession.

The choice of visuals and images to use

In order to give an attractive design to your advertising brochure, we suggest the use of illustrations. Likewise, you could use your logo, your personalized images or even use image bank sites.

Advertising brochure: the essential points

Many portals exist to provide you with images capable of enhancing your communication medium. However, always make sure that you have the rights to use the images you use commercially.

The formatting of the advertising brochure

The formatting of the advertising brochure remains a crucial step. It precedes the printing of the document. If you have specific graphic design knowledge, we encourage you to do it yourself. Otherwise, you have two options.

The first is to grant you the professional services. As a second possibility, we will advise you to use specialized online commercial brochure publishing sites.

Printing the brochure

You should know that many providers in the design of advertising brochures will offer you services up to printing. But if your business is only interested in editing, you should hire a professional for printing. The latter will bring his expertise to draw a high-quality document that meets the required standards.

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