After changing her look, Christian Nodal’s mother reveals that she could have a serious health problem

Tras cambiar de look, la mamá de Christian Nodal deja ver que podría tener un grave problema de salud

Christian Nodal.

Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images

A few days ago the mother of Christian nodal she boasted a radical change of look, however, she was the victim of strong criticism that led her to expose the real reasons why she decided to transform her image.

After winning the battle against COVID-19 that was diagnosed in December, Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez She decided to renew her image, however, she was the target of cruel comments that led her to reveal the reasons why she dared to change her long dark hair to give way to short blonde hair.

Along with a photograph published in the stories on her Instagram account, the Mexican singer’s mother explained that she has faced serious health problems, which she managed to counteract thanks to her high self-esteem and the support of the people who love her who are together to give her the support she needed in the most difficult moments.

It is sad to see how many people judge by judging. I have received good reviews, bad even homophobic, because they assume that it is a change of look“, wrote.

However, through the same publication, he revealed that he has a serious health problem and although at the moment he did not want to share what it is on social networks, he managed to attract the attention of fans of the boyfriend of Belinda.

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Mine is a fight where I thank God who gives me strength to continue fighting day after day with joy and love. Thank God my self esteem is great“He added Cristy.

After the statements, rumors began to circulate that he could suffer from cancer and the haircut is only part of his difficult battle against this disease.

Maybe I will be left without a single hair, maybe not but my happiness does not depend on it. Human beings are more than a haircut, how to dress or any stereotype“, He detailed.


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