After Europe, Brazil also wants to see the iPhone switch to USB-C

iPhone X USB-C

While the European Commission has just ruled a few weeks ago for the adoption of a single charging port on smartphones, now the ideas of the old continent seem to be divided more widely on a global scale. A few days ago it was indeed the Brazilian government which showed the first signs concerning possible legislation to force the hand of Apple, the last giant of new technologies not to have adopted USB-C on its smartphones.

According to the news site Techblog, it is the state agency Anatel which would be at the origin of this request for change. As in Europe, Brazil believes that standardizing the charging port on smartphones should drastically reduce the number of electronic waste produced by the country.

After Europe it is Brazil which enters the dance

For the moment the Brazilian agency is open to discussion with the giants of the sector, and it has given a window of response to the various manufacturers. The latter have until August 26 of this year to return to Anatel’s proposal.

In detail, the agency in charge of communications in Brazil proposes that USB-C be the only connection accepted in the country for new devices produced or marketed from January 1, 2024. The choice of this date is not surprising given that it coincides perfectly with the European calendar.

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If the Anatel project is likely to succeed, he who does not really encounter adversity internally, the most likely scenario remains that Apple changes its tune before European legislation, and therefore now Brazilian legislation does not come into force.

An iPhone with a USB-C port or no port at all?

For the moment, analysts of the apple brand do not really know which foot to dance on. The two most likely hypotheses remain that Apple is offering either: an iPhone in 2023 with a USB-C port fully complying with requests from the EU and Brazil. Either, another hypothesis that goes more in the direction of Apple’s development for a few years now, the Apple brand offers an iPhone 15 in September 2023 which is equipped only with a wireless charging port.

MagSafe would then be the preferred solution, which arrived with the iPhone 12 and which should be further optimized in the coming months. We should already have the beginning of a response with the arrival of the iPhone 14 scheduled for next September.

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