After Mail and Safari, Apple Music is no longer the default application

Apple Spotify

This is a change that could appeal to a large number of people. Some Reddit users have discovered a new feature in the iOS 14.5 Public Beta, and it concerns Siri.

Apple’s voice assistant will indeed be able, in future updates, to play music according to your installed applications. In other words if you are using Spotify – or some other music streaming app – you will just have to set that app as “default” and it will launch every time you ask Siri to play music.

An expected update

A long-awaited update that echoes the updates already made in the past by Apple on internet browsers as well as e-mail applications, the latter being able to be third-party “by default” which allows simplified use of products ” external ”to the Apple ecosystem.

All these changes make it possible to give a better place to competition from Apple within its own phones and tablets (iPadOS is also concerned), although the Cupertino company remains largely dominant in its field. If the choice is now left to users to find an option bis Apple applications, the latter remain privileged by the system. Apple Music, Mail, or Safari are apps that come preinstalled on an iPhone, and they never really leave it.

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Mandatory opening?

While the internet giants are grappling with American justice over various monopoly cases, Apple is trying to play good students by making clear efforts in terms of access to competition within its own system. iOS operation. Indeed, the apple brand keeps full control over what goes in and out of an iPhone thanks to the App Store – a fact that is often reproached to Apple – but it becomes with time and legal pressure from more and more open to the use of third-party applications.

So if before you had to say “Hey Siri is playing my playlist randomly … on Spotify” this last injunction will no longer be necessary once the Swedish application is chosen as the default music playback application, instead of Apple Music .

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