After overcoming COVID-19, Juan Osorio resumes his activities on Televisa

Tras superar el COVID-19, Juan Osorio retoma sus actividades en Televisa

After going through difficult days due to being infected with COVID-19, Juan Osorio He returned fully recovered to the recording forums of the telenovela ‘What’s wrong with my family?’ in Televisa.

Last December, the producer published a message on social networks, where he revealed that he spent 25 complicated days due to the disease, and although at that time he still needed support from an oxygen tank, he presumed to be in better spirits.

Of course, one of those who suffered the most from the creative’s suffering was his son Emilio, who currently lives with him in Mexico City. So this Monday, January 4, he excitedly shared with the followers of the production’s official Instagram account that the entire team is already there.

Let’s start with the whole year, the boss is back yeah yeah yes”, the actor is heard saying in the recording to the son of Niurka Marcos.

While the producer shared a few words to thank the samples of affection he received during his convalescence:

Thank you, I am very happy and I share it with all the followers of our telenovela so that we are truly happy. Many thanks to all the technicians, to Roy another survivor and to all the technicians, thank you son“, Sealing the clip with a kiss from father to son.

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