After the M1 chip, the future of Apple computers could be even more powerful

Apple M1 Silicon

The arrival in the last month of the M1 chip in a whole new range of MacBook (Air and Pro) and on the Mac mini had already caused a lot of talk in the world of new technologies. But despite everything, the advent of the M1 chip is, as its name suggests, only the beginning of an evolution which still promises to be very surprising on the side of Cupertino. Apple’s processors are already the best on the market, with a few exceptions. For the range of computers they integrate, the new MacBooks (Air and Pro) equipped with Apple Silicon technology are simply above the rest. It’s simple, the MacBook Pro M1 is faster under Windows than a Surface Pro X, however developed by Microsoft.

But according to information from Bloomberg, Apple is not going to stop there. Indeed, the Apple brand has the ambition to further develop its processors, especially on the one point that has been lacking in M1 so far, its number of cores.

20-core processors in 2021? And 30 in 2022?

While the processor made the new generation MacBook Pro the most powerful computer ever developed by Apple in single-core score, the latter was still beaten by the Mac Pro and Intel iMac which, although with a lower single-core score, have overall higher than that of Apple’s laptop. A data that the company would like to correct as soon as possible, so that the Cupertino chip dethrones the Intel processors on all the models offered by Apple, leaving only the illusion of a choice to the consumer.

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Bloomberg thus assures us that Apple is working on a 20-core processor, against 8 today on the M1 chip. And that this new processor could be launched in the spring, on a “high-end” MacBook Pro and an “entry-level” iMac. Apple is also working on a 30-core processor for the “high-end” iMacs and the new Mac Pro, the release date of which is more vague, probably between the end of 2021 and 2022 depending on the progress of developments. The report underlines that the installation of a processor of this power may require more time, because it is necessary to review the architecture of the latter.

Regarding graphics, which are the weakness of these latest MacBooks, again, the report shows Apple’s crazy ambitions. The Cupertino company is said to be working on a 32-core graphics processor. But the last lines of the report suggest the possibility of a GPU of up to 128 cores for the most demanding machines. With such a feat, the processor would be “several times faster than the modules Apple uses at the moment”.

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