after the M1 Ultra, Apple is about to switch to the M2?

after the M1 Ultra, Apple is about to switch to the M2?

While Apple’s “Peek Performance” keynote allowed Apple to present the Mac Studio to the world, the Apple brand could continue its momentum and take advantage of future conferences to present new processors, under the name “M2 ”.

In any case, says Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist and expert on the apple brand. He expects new computers from Apple to be released during the year, including MacBook Pros and Airs. As for the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro, we will probably have to wait a little longer. The journalist does not think their move to Apple Silicon will happen in 2022.

iPad, MacBook, Mac mini, everyone will be entitled to M2

According to Gurman’s sources, there will be at least two or three new Macs launched around the middle of the year. It could be the M2 versions of the very first models under Apple Silicon which are the MacBook Air, the Mac mini, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Other rumors also announce that the iPad, Pro and Air should soon have the right to the M2 chip.

It still seems very unlikely that the release of these new tablets will take place this year. Indeed, Apple has just presented the iPad Air with this brand new technology, so it would be more than surprising to see Apple present a new tablet with the M2 chip this year.

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A new version of Apple Silicon chips?

In his Power On newsletter, the journalist assures that there will be up to five M2 chips on the market in the coming months. Indeed, this new generation of chip could be declined with the four versions that we already know “classic, “Pro”, “Max”, “Ultra” and finally an “Extreme” version of the chip could make its arrival on the market .

The latter would be reserved for the iPad Pro and the Mac Pro. But opinions differ, according to analyst Majin Bu the next Mac Pro should have the right to two M1 Ultra chips, and not a hypothetical M2 Extreme chip as Gurman says.

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