Afternoon of Champions and goodbyes

Afternoon of Champions and goodbyes

Uruguayan. Sevilla tried to pounce on Atleti as soon as the match began at the Metropolitano. Everything is still at stake, the Champions League square without an owner, they needed a point, one at least. The rojiblancos already had it: they were playing for third place. And the tributes. That Uruguayan who for the last time wore the red and white shirt before his people. Suarez. One of the heroes of last LaLiga said goodbye at home. And he made him a starter, under thunderous applause every time he touched a ball. that scream, Uruguayan, which could be sewn to the bear and the strawberry tree on the shield, turned up the volume in the 5th minute. De Paul gave him a ball and the Uruguayan finished it off, too cross. Lopetegui began to breathe gunpowder around him, in addition to doubts. The start of his team had been just that. An intention. Pure foam.

Uruguayan. The stands filled their mouths. Although it sounded sad, something dies in the soul, Suárez leaves. But that Uruguayan also gave thanks. For having chosen Atleti when Bartomeu closed the door to Barça. Sevilla could not find passing lines. The red and white pressure dulled him. And the nerves. The legs of flan. Kondogbia in octopus mode, the very mobile Atleti, like a carousel spinning around him that made him dizzy, that took his breath away. It was after the radio reported that Betis had scored that Lopetegui’s men calmed down. And they climbed onto Delaney’s back. Giddy Up. He took the marker and began to throw balls at the back of Savic, Giménez and Reinildo. One escaped into the cage. But En-Nesyri spoiled it as Carrasco switched sides with De Paul before his brush with Montiel turned from sparks to fire.

Photo of Luis Suarez

Uruguayan. Now it sounds high again, very high. But not for Suarez. It is for Giménez, his Commander. That rose like a colossus to head just one corner: Sevilla’s defenders marked each other. 1-0. Simeone pointed his finger at the sky. Or maybe he was to the third amphitheater. With that happy but sad smile on his mouth. Right after that came the hydration break. That which will go forever hand in hand with the name of Suárez, Atleti and LaLiga de Valladolid. The man crying like a child surrounded by an ocean of empty purple seats. The same one who threw himself on the plate to head a ball as if it were the last one on earth. But it was: the last of him here, at the Metropolitan. Griezmann kept dragging his stopper and Llorente, Carrasco and De Paul bothered in the same band. As soon as the Belgian returned to the left, Montiel saw the yellow card. Sevilla had become dull again. Without bite or occasions. As if Ocampos, Rakitic and Acuña had lost their legs. Lopetegui, the course.

A Champions point five minutes from the end

Uruguayan. The stands followed their own while another Sevilla sprouted from the booth. Inside Navas, Tecatito and a change of system: that 5-3-2 that Lopetegui resorts to in emergencies, with Gudelj in the center of the rear. About Sevilla everything was alarm. If Tecatito entered rioting, Suárez was once again the man that all the red-and-white balls into the box were looking for. “Thank you Lucho for making us champions”, he waved in the south background after his umpteenth header to a De Paul cross went wide. Eleven minutes lasted Sevilla 3-5-2: the front converted into a Gruyère cheese for Atleti, all spaces. Lopetegui returned to 4-4-2 with Mir and Óliver. The Uruguayan he stopped the clock at 64′. Cunha entered, Suarez left. Among that scream. To cry like a child again, now on the bench in her house these two years, covering his face, with hiccupping of shoulders. His name remains forever in the museum, hopefully he would also do so in the Paseo de Leyendas (82 games).

Photo of En-Nesyri

Sevilla continued without legs, without teeth, but at least yes goalkeeper: Bono would take out with his fingernail a ball from De Paul who shouted a goal. It would be in Oblak’s goal where it would be heard, however. The goool. And very high. Very from within. En-Nesyri pounced on that Óliver ball to forget the nerves, the flan legs, the ball on the post five minutes earlier. Sevilla hugged the Champions League tightly so as not to let go. with that point. The exhalation that came from Lopetegui’s bench sounded almost as loud as that scream that could be heard infinite this afternoon. Uruguayan, Uruguayan


Jesus Crown (45′, Lucas Ocampos), Jesus Navas (45′, Montiel), Oliver Torres (55′, Rakitic), Rafa Mir (56′, Papu Gomez), Matheus Cunha (64′, Luis Suarez), Belt (69′, Griezmann), Rekik (74′, Gudelj), Philip Monteiro (77′, Marcos Llorente), Hector Herrera (77′, DePaul)


1-0, 29′: Gimenez1-1, 84′: En-Nesyri


Referee: Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Montiel (40′, Yellow) Beautiful Mario (44′, Yellow) Gudelj (71′, Yellow) En-Nesyri (85′, Yellow) Rafa Mir (87′, Yellow) Koke (88′, Yellow) Marcos Acuna (93′, Yellow


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