Again and again a Lightning socket for the iPhone 14 Pro

Câble Lightning

If the Lightning port had certain undeniable advantages when it was released, such as reversibility, it is now ancient history. Indeed, the European Commission has definitively voted the end of this solution in favor of theUSB-C, which can also be plugged in both directions. There are several reasons for this; one of them evoking the case of waste. Indeed, with the transition to a universal standard, the multiplication of all-purpose chargers is over.

This subject has been debated for several years now, so much so that we were already looking at changes for the diet of iPhone 12 from 2020. But for @LeaksAppePro, who regularly shares leaks on what Apple is preparing internally, even models that should arrive around September will not be affected. We will have to wait even longer.

Why ?

The explanation would be financial : for the source, Apple still has too much to gain with the hundreds of third-party manufacturers who market accessories compatible with Lightning (cables, adapters, etc.). These must pay him royalties on each sale, to be able to use the proprietary technology filed by Apple. The company does not reveal precisely how much this business brings in, but we are probably talking here of several million euros at least.

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The iPad, however, have well and truly ditched Apple’s in-house listing for the mini, Pro, and Air editions. But on the iPhone, Cupertino would still have room: legislators take their time when it comes to standardizing markets of this magnitude. Especially since the colossal expenses of Tim Cook’s group in lobbying also weigh in the balance.

Better throughput in 2022

Despite everything, a novelty would arrive with the iPhone 14 Pro : faster energy transfer. To date, the Lightning is indeed content with speeds comparable to USB 2.0, but its designer would aim to get closer to the results obtained by the third generation of the protocol. The iPhone 14 Pro Max could also be affected, but the fate of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max remains uncertain. To understand the differences between all these mobiles, it’s right here.

Still later, the iPhone 16 Pro could finally be the first to be completely wireless (no jack or charging socket). It will then be necessary to place it on an induction support to refuel the battery.

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