Ahead of production at Samsung, with the approach of the next Macs

Chut silence secret

It’s no longer a secret, and for a long time: Apple is preparing to unveil a compact MacBook Pro with a larger screen, which would then go from 13.3 inches currently to 14 ″. For the moment however – and as usual – the Californian brand has not clarified anything about this officially. We can only count on leaks from an unknown source to bet on such products, and even more: this type of information proved to be unreliable during the last keynote.

Where the clues can be more accurate, on the other hand, it is on the side of the subcontractors. In fact, Cupertino has a habit of ordering parts for its machines several months in advance, so that the culture of secrecy which has made its reputation is sometimes lost with intermediaries. And precisely, according to a press release just shared by Samsung, components potentially dedicated to future Apple devices are already on the way …


According to the chaebol, OLED panels with a refresh rate of 90 Hz would indeed just start to leave the factory. On the menu, a 14 ″ template therefore but also a 16 ″ which this time recalls the noise of the hallway according to which the large-scale laptop launched at the end of 2019 would be about to be renewed. Of course Samsung has not added details about its potential contract with Apple, but it is likely that buyers of Tim Cook will not deprive themselves of such an opportunity to equip their future items.

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Among the Asian competition, we also add that the first partner to be supplied with this livery will be the Taiwanese Asus. With the Zenbook 14X OLED, for example, the firm is effectively positioning itself as a prime target for Samsung. Another potential customer of the oriental manufacturer: the Vivobook Pro 16X OLED, which with its AMD processors and graphics cards from the same brand or from Nvidia is aimed at both professionals and individuals.

What changes for MacBooks?

If Samsung does not hide the arrival of its new foals, this is not the case at Apple where confidentiality remains essential. Little is therefore known about upcoming MacBooks, other than that the amount of RAM could reach up to 32 GB for the version with a 14-inch diagonal.

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