Apple iPad AirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to...

AirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to be on the way


- Advertisment -AirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to be on the way

More than twelve months ago, Apple revealed to the general public the AirPods Pro. Connecting to devices via Bluetooth, these earbuds true wireless come with silicone tips that make them more comfortable than the AirPods 2 dating from March 2019. But some are already waiting for the next version, which continues to be talked about for several months.

Rumors are therefore counting on a duo incorporating certain characteristics of the high-end model, in particular on the side of the design. Active noise reduction, on the other hand, would remain confined to the most expensive edition. Of course, these are only hypotheses here and we will have to wait for a proper announcement to find out more.

Subcontractors would be ready

According to the analyst often very well informed Ming-Chi Kuo, a faster processor should also integrate the famous accessories in their next generation, by June. They would be produced by the supplier Career, also at the command bar for tablets.

These would be the famous iPad delivered with a screen mini LED. This technology, which would be entitled to the same schedule, offers excellent image quality and particularly precise colors. It should delight graphic designers and other artists who opt for the tactile.

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

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- Advertisement -AirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to be on the wayAirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to be on the way

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- Advertisement -AirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to be on the wayAirPods 3 and iPad mini LED are said to be on the way

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