AirPods 3 disassembled reveal no big surprise

AirPods 3

52audio is a YouTube channel specializing in headphones and earphones. After having already boned the Studio Buds from the manufacturer Beats, it now offers us to discover what is hidden under the shell of the third generation AirPods. The pair was born on October 18, during the Apple Event. Hang on.

In terms of pure technical characteristics, the duo embeds an adaptive equalization system but not active noise reduction. On the other hand, it is compatible with Space Audio, and integrates several microphones to better capture calls. The processor is an Apple H1 (as on the previous version) and the whole weighs around forty grams with its rechargeable MagSafe compatible battery.

Unable to repair?

According to 52audio, which was therefore able to peel the entrails of the two atria, most of their components are stuck to each other. It is therefore almost impossible to repair them without risking the voiding of the warranty. The precise repairability score, for its part, is not specified by the manufacturer anyway. And for good reason: in France, it is simply not mandatory to include it next to wireless headphones. Unlike smartphones, for example.

What changes

Among the new features of AirPods 3, we can notably mention the arrival of magnetic elements that were not present before. These are dedicated to the good maintenance of the case on the latest chargers from Apple, stamped MagSafe. We also notice that an additional piece of graphite is included, this time to avoid overheating problems.

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The Lightning port is of course still in the game, while the battery is provided here with 345 mAh of autonomy. Officially, such figures make it possible to hold “up to six hours of listening time on a single charge”(Or five with Space Audio enabled) versus“up to 4 hours of talk time“. With the MagSafe charging case, it is even theoretically possible to reach thirty hours of listening time by regularly recharging AirPods.

Have you bought these AirPods 3? Let’s not forget that their exterior design, too, is quite different from the second generation from 2019.

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