Aislinn Derbez promotes breastfeeding, even when the mother has COVID-19

Aislinn Derbez promueve la lactancia materna, aún cuando la madre tenga COVID-19

Aislinn derbez She has managed to get all the cameras of the show pointed at her, thanks to some statements she has made through Instagram, all for the support she provides on the issue of breastfeeding.

“Especially now that we are with this virus, it is more important than ever that mothers continue to breastfeed their babies (even if they have covid!) Since milk is the maximum antibody that prevents and protects your baby from any disease “, he asserted Aislinn derbez via Instagram.

“Last week was the #WorldwideMothernaLactation Week and taking advantage of the fact that August is the month dedicated to promoting and supporting breastfeeding, I wanted to tell all the moms who are breastfeeding that my breastfeeding was not easy at the beginning, (I have already told you in past posts many things I experienced in my postpartum).

The actress continued with her speech: “I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone. That if you can. That they seek help and information so that they do not give up and continue breastfeeding if they wish to do so ”.

His words have received a lot, since for many women the issue of breastfeeding needs more exposure in the media.

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On this situation on June 3, UNICEF shared the following through its official website on the Internet:

“The evidence is strongly in favor of breastfeeding. Skin-to-skin contact and early and exclusive breastfeeding help the baby to develop, so there is no reason to interrupt it as a result of the virus. To date, the transmission of active cases of COVID-19 (the virus that causes the infection) through breast milk or breastfeeding has not been detected ”.

Here you can read more information at about it through the official UNICEF website.


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