Albacete asks for 3,000 tickets for the Riazor final

El estadio de Riazor, en un partido de esta temporada.

Today, Monday, is the deadline. so that the teams qualified for the final of the promotion playoff to Second request tickets to the RFEF for their respective hobbies. Sportingjust as he did in the semi-final against Linares, requested some 18,000, which guarantees that the match will be played in Riazor having the largest capacity of the Galicia headquarters, also made up of Balaídos and A Malata. The club from Coruña, as it happened last week, blook for formulas with the Federation to try to give priority to its partners when purchasing tickets.

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The doubt lay in how many tickets he was going to order from Albacete, a city separated from A Coruña by 850 kilometres. The entity from La Mancha, after an afternoon with various speculations, has booked 3,000 tickets. The club hopes that throughout the next few hours as I can report on the displacement to A Coruna with two guys Travel. On the one hand, a displacement of roundtrip the same day and another that includes hotel nightl, although Alba is finding many problems to find hotels with cheap prices in the Galician city

Guaranteed the full of Riazor

The match will be played next Saturday June 11 at a Riazor (6:00 p.m.) which will almost certainly hang the ‘No Tickets’ sign. The entrance of the match against Linares in the semifinal went to 26,177 spectatorshistoric record in the bronze category of Spanish football and the club has requested this time about 24,000 tickets. The sale will be online again ( If the pattern of last week is followed, they will go on sale this Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. La Mancha fans will also be able to access them, in case the demand for tickets increases.

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Sportinglike you did last week will make the Sportsman Attention Office available to its subscribers (ABANCA-RIAZOR Stadium, Havana Avenue s/n) to help online shopping to partners who need them. The prices do not vary either with respect to the semifinal: 18 euros for the Funds, 22 for the Preference and 26 for the Tribune.


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