LifeStyle Advice ALDI and Walmart recall peaches due to Salmonella outbreak

ALDI and Walmart recall peaches due to Salmonella outbreak


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A Salmonella outbreak related to peaches has infected 78 people in 12 states. Contaminated products could come from Cousin Wawona from Fresno, California that carries out voluntary withdrawal of the fruits.

People infected with the outbreak strain are located in Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, the state that has the majority of cases with 23 patients. Have been reported 23 hospitalizations and there are no deaths.

Prima Wawona recalls all of its peaches sold to bulk (loose) from June 1 to August 3 and their peaches Wawona and Wawona Organic packaged distributed and sold from June 1 to August 19.

For their part, the Aldi, Food Lion, Hannaford, Kroger and Retailers, Target, Walmart, and Wegmans have recalled the peaches received from the supplier in question, as well as the foods made with them. Products to bulk They are also usually sold in grocery stores.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend not to eat, serve, or sell peaches packaged or supplied by Prima Wawona or Wawona Packing Company LLC, as well as foods made with these fruits. If you have loose peaches and you don’t know where they are from, it is better to discard them.

Clean and disinfect any surface and container that may have been in contact with the product to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This includes cutting boards, slicers, countertops, coolers, and storage containers.

The bagged peaches were distributed and sold in supermarkets under the following product codes:

  • Wawona Peaches – 033383322001
  • Wawona Organic Peaches – 849315000400
  • Peaches Prima® – 766342325903
  • Organic peaches from the market – 849315000400
  • Kroger Peaches – 011110181749
  • Wegmans Peaches – 077890490488

For bagged peaches, product codes are at the bottom of each package. All affected peaches can be found in stores across the country. Retailers that may have sold contaminated peaches continue to be investigated.

The bulk peaches supplied by Prima Wawona are sold in the grocery stores and the containers may have the following stickers with PLU numbers: 4037, 4038, 4044, 4401, 94037, 94038, 94044, 94401. Although not all peaches have codes.

Salmonella symptoms

Most people infected with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps 6 hours to 6 days after being exposed to the bacteria.

In rare cases, the infection can spread from the intestines to the bloodstream and then to other parts of the body. In these people, Salmonella can cause death unless the person is immediately treated with antibiotics.

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- Advertisement -ALDI and Walmart recall peaches due to Salmonella outbreakALDI and Walmart recall peaches due to Salmonella outbreak

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- Advertisement -ALDI and Walmart recall peaches due to Salmonella outbreakALDI and Walmart recall peaches due to Salmonella outbreak

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