Aleida Núñez exhibits her curves in a blue glitter bikini from the deck of a yacht

Aleida Núñez exhibe sus curvas en bikini azul de brillitos desde la cubierta de un yate

Aleida Nunez He captured the glances of his millions of followers when he appeared wasting sensuality in tiny clothes.

On this occasion the popular influencer has shared a couple of photographs where he is shown showing off his body of steel enjoying the good weather from the deck of a luxurious yacht managing to raise sighs from his fans.

The actress appears leaning against a window in front of the camera wearing a tiny blue bikini with sparkles and huge sunglasses, what astonishes in the photo is the reflection of her figure where her sculpted abdomen and her scandalous legs stand out.

In a second photo that he has published on his Instagram account, he is seen posing on a mat looking towards the horizon.

Live, love, thank“Is the inspirational phrase he has written.


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