Aleida Núñez reveals her legs and abdomen of steel with mini shorts and a pink top

Aleida Núñez reveals her legs and abdomen of steel with mini shorts and a pink top

Aleida Núñez reveals her legs and abdomen of steel with mini shorts and a pink top

Like an angel fallen from heaven, it was like Aleida Núñez once again stole glances within social networksbecause in one of his most recent publications he posed with enormous colored wings and tiny dress that helped her show off her stylized figure.

The Mexican actress and singer is used to drawing attention to the scenarios in which she performs, but not only because of the talent that she splurges but also because of the beauty that she possesses and has managed to captivate almost 4 million followers on Instagram, a social network in the one that continually shares risky photographs.

And although the favorite images of her followers are those in which she appears in dresses that hug her curves or the sports outfits that she uses to exercise or practice yoga, there are also those in which she shows her slim legs in tiny shorts.

This is how the famous 41-year-old and 1.65 meter tall shone before the camera to steal the hearts of thousands of fans wearing an angelic smile. And it is that, with wings behind her back and a jumpsuit that exposed her legs, as well as the squares of his abdomen, He confessed that he is in one of the best stages, in which he is loving his life.

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The voluptuous television star, who is currently participating in the TelevisaUnivision telenovela ‘Corazón Guerrero’ and confessed a few days ago that she rejected a millionaire’s marriage proposal due to the conditions he put on her, also posed with a similar denim garment, with the who not only exposed how he looks from the front, but also turned his back on the camera to show his stunning rear.

But the parade of seductive garments seems to have no end, as confirmed by her loyal fans who weeks before witnessed one of her hot uncoverings during the holidays; where she dazzled posing from the pool in a gold swimsuit that revealed her perfect measurements with the help of a pose in which she turned her back to the camera and that became one of the most commented.

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