Alexa Dellanos boasts her scandalous rearguard from the far eastern desert

Alexa Dellanos presume su escandalosa retaguardia desde el desierto del lejano oriente

Alexa Dellanos.

Photo: Grosby Group / Grosby Group

Alexa dellanos She has made it clear that nothing is stopping her and has shown it with her latest photos shared from the Far East, which is where she has spent a few relaxing days.

The journalist’s daughter Myrka dellanos She has spent a mini vacation in Dubai, a city known for its luxuries, its modern architecture and its incomparable nightlife, part of the attractions that have attracted the young influencer to visit it.

The stunning blonde has shared what her experience has been in this exotic place through several images published on her Instagram account, where she pleases her millions of followers with her sensual postcards.

The influencer poses in several photos in a white two-piece bikini with her back to the camera, managing to draw attention to her prominent rearguard, she is seen next to the pool and next to the pc with a scandalous neckline and of course she could not miss one sitting in the desert of this beautiful place.

The publication has accumulated more than 66 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from her loyal fans, who are aware of all the movements of the famous. Everything indicates that he has already said goodbye to this paradise, as he has shared an image from a plane, wearing tight leggings and a top that shows his abdomen.

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