Alexa Dellanos exhibits her scandalous rear in a white mini thong from Dubai

Alexa Dellanos exhibe su escandalosa retaguardia en mini tanguita blanca desde Dubai

Alexa dellanos He left his followers surprised with his latest publication on his social networks as he has confirmed that he is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The voluptuous model and influencer is vacationing in the far away country and has been sharing all the details of her visit through her official Instagram account, managing to delight the eye with both the landscapes and her tiny clothes.

This time the journalist’s daughter Myrka dellanos She has not left much to the imagination posing for the photo from the back, wearing an expensive exclusive designer hat and a sexy white bikini that hugs her prominent curves and becomes almost imperceptible in her voluminous rear.

After enjoying the beautiful beaches and the view of the famous place, Dellanos has commented that she has gone out on a romantic date, but with herself, she wears a tight dress with a scandalous neckline that has caused sighs among her millions of followers.


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