Alexa Dellanos lifts her black top after working out, revealing she’s not wearing a bra

Alexa Dellanos lifts her black top after working out, revealing she's not wearing a bra

Alexa Dellanos.

Alexa Dellanos.

Photo: Grosby Group / Grosby Group

Alexa Dellanos She always cares about looking good, and now she went to the gym to try (at the same time as she performed her routines) a method in which, with weights placed on her body, she can tone her abdomen to the maximum. At the end of her exercises -in videos that she shared in her stories of Instagram– She raised her black top showing the results, but also showed that she was not wearing underwear.

The beauty influencer of fashion and lifestyle is now in San Bartolomé (a place she travels to every year), and from there she was seen wearing sexy micro bikinis. On the beach, she showed off her rearguard and even took a photo of her pet, complementing everything with the message “heaven on earth.”

Alexa’s line of sports leggings, called FlexBody, has been a success in sales. She models the garments herself, which are available in various colors. She recently posed in various parts of her house wearing a gray top and leggings ensemble, and the pictures she posted on Instagram they charmed their fans.

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