All about brand content

All about brand content

Increasingly used, the Internet and social networks allow brands to become their own media through brand content. Thanks to this effective branding strategy, brands can develop a strong relationship with their customers and become anchored in their minds. Brand content is the art of telling your business through storytelling.

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What are the goals of brand content? How to put in place a strategy worthy of the name? Here is the answer.

Differences between brand content and content marketing

Many marketers still don’t know the difference between brand content and content marketing. It is, however, fundamental.

We call “brand content” all the content created around the brand. It explains what the brand is, what it offers and what it is used for through a method called storytelling. The goal is then to use a narrative discourse to talk about the company through subjects other than its product or its service in order to attract the target and build a relationship of trust with them. Thanks to brand content, the company becomes its own media and can thus create a brand culture and offer a strong experience to its customers.

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The term “content marketing” refers to all informative content published for the purpose of answering customer questions. The brand is not necessarily mentioned in this content which takes the form of infographics, testimonials or blog articles, for example.

The objectives of brand content

Brand content allows a brand to build an identity that is independent of its commercial objectives. She then wins hearts and minds by showing what is special.

By delivering attention-grabbing content, a brand can quickly go viral and differentiate itself from the competition. The story developed through brand content allows the target to identify with the brand and appropriate its values. The brand can then build and unite a community and gain the trust of the consumer.

The objectives of brand content are very clear: it is a question of developing its reputation, increasing its customer base and its turnover and finally positioning itself as THE n ° 1 brand in the heart of its target market.

6 tips for getting started in brand content

There are several steps to follow to set up an effective brand content strategy.

Reflect on your brand identity

First and foremost, it is essential to think about the elements that make your brand unique and the values ​​that distinguish it from its competitors. This could be sharing and conviviality, for example. Creating a style guide also helps to share messages with consistent style.

Then you have to find a brand message that can be delivered through a brand content strategy.

Define the objectives of your campaign

Before embarking on content creation, it is important to define the objectives that your brand content campaign must follow. Is it in order to increase its notoriety? To convert more? To retain more customers?

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A brand content campaign can only take the right direction if the vision is clear and the objectives are specific.

Know your target

To craft a story that resonates in the mind of your target audience, you have to understand what catches their attention by establishing personas. Who are they ? What are their habits?

The more precisely the target consumer is defined, the more effective the brand content campaign will be and the more it will adopt the right tone.

Think about what to publish

Once the target and objectives are defined, it is time to think about what content to publish and what form it will take. Will they be photos? Videos? Blog articles? From a podcast? The success of a brand content strategy depends in large part on the choice of content format.

It is then necessary to establish an editorial schedule which highlights the various important events for its target. These are indeed dates on which a brand can position itself to more easily mark the mind of its target audience.

Choose the right broadcast channel

All the content produced by a company can be distributed on several channels. It can be the Internet, social networks, radio, the press or even street marketing.

Whether the choice of a company is one or the other of these solutions, the form of its message must always be adapted to the selected distribution channel. In fact, not all have the same specificities or the same advantages. The format will not be the same for a broadcast on Facebook as it will on television, for example.

Measure your results

As in any marketing strategy, it is essential to measure the results of your brand content campaign to know if it is effective or not.

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KPIs (performance indicators) must be defined from the start of the campaign according to the objectives that have been set. Several data can be tracked such as:

  • The number of sales made.
  • The engagement rate of the target.

The brand content strategy put in place will be judged coherent or refined depending on the results obtained.

Examples of brand content

Several companies have succeeded, through an effective brand content strategy, in imposing an image that is now inseparable from their brand.


As part of its brand content strategy, Oasis has created animated characters (fruits) that are both colorful and funny. The brand has increased its presence on social networks to more easily target its core target: young people. The brand image is such that we almost forget the product being sold.

Coca Cola

In winter, Coca-Cola brings out its favorite character: Santa Claus. At this time of year, the brand enters the hearts of consumers and appropriates the values ​​of Christmas (sharing, reunion, family, etc.). These values ​​were also taken up in another brand content campaign where the brand invited to share a coke with the person whose name was written on the bottle.

Michel and Augustin

Michel et Augustin distributes gourmet products that benefit from explosive communication based on storytelling and humor. The history of the recipes, the hesitations between two packaging, the kitchen tests… the brand is told and shared with customers. The brand image of Michel and Augustin is extremely positive thanks to the humor that constitutes its DNA.

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