All About Pine Nuts

All About Pine Nuts

Refined, creamy, and highly nutritious, pine nuts are a culinary treasure. Discover everything about these little seeds and their expensive price

The pinion is considered a true delicacy and a highly gourmet ingredient. It is a small seed that is inside the pineapples that give some varieties of pines among the most popular variants are Pinus cembroides, Pinus nelsonii, and Pinus pinea.

The pine nuts are collected mainly in Europe and Asia although some regions of South America and Mexico. These small fruits are characterized by being creamy, elongated, very aromatic, and depending on the type they can be white or pink color.

Without a doubt they are a highly valued ingredient in gastronomy at an international level, that is why they are used in the preparation of all kinds of dishes among which stand out soups, creams, sauces, desserts, sweets, and salads. However, they are not only a culinary treasure, their small size does not compare with their unmatched nutritional benefits.

How Are Pine Nuts Obtained?

The first thing that is important to mention is that pine nuts are not food that is grown. Obtaining them involves a slow and dedicated harvesting process since they are collected in the forest pines. As it is a leafy tree as part of the process many times it is necessary to climb the tops of the pines to take the pineapples and then they are shelled by hand.

Pine Nuts

The truth is releasing these little seeds is not that easy, since pineapples are characterized by containing a hard exterior that once they break they release a good amount of resin. Finally, it is necessary to peel one more bark to get to the pinion. It is through all this process that pine nuts are quite expensive food, also exist finer variants than others and according to this, prices per kg are established.

Why Are Pine Nuts So Expensive?

It takes somewhere in the range of 15 to 25 years for the trees to start delivering the seeds and up to significantly increase that time for them to arrive at top creation. Most of the North American reap originates from wild, uncultivated trees. Generally, the seeds are reaped by hand, a contributing element to their costly sticker price.

The pine seeds are found in the pine cones and take around a year and a half to develop. Since the pine nuts are prepared to reap 10 days or so before the cone starts to open, they are hard to eliminate. To accelerate and facilitate the cycle, the cones are set in a burlap sack and left in the sun to dry for 20 days. Next, the cones are crushed, delivering the seeds, which are then isolated from the cone by hand. This is another very tedious and patient-testing task.

The pine cone isn’t the main covering for the seed; each pine nut has a second shell that must be taken out before eating. A portion of these shells is dainty and simple to take off while others are thicker and additionally testing. The entirety of the above components adds to the justifiably excessive cost of the pine nut.

A Little About Pine Nuts Nutritional & Medicinal Value

Among the great benefits that are related to the consumption of pine nuts is its high content of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are a great ally to protect the Cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease. Because of this, they are a good ally for reduce high levels of bad cholesterol “LDL” in the blood and stimulate the production of good cholesterol “HDL”, also thanks to its content in vitamin E and zinc pine nuts protect cardiovascular health.

Pine nuts are also an extraordinary source of vitamins and minerals, which are of great help to strengthen the immune system. They stand out for their contribution to vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. They provide a lot of energy and are a great ally to stimulate the defense system and prevent diseases and infections.

At the same time they stand out for their high contribution in fiber which helps regulate the digestive system and its consumption is also related to a great satiating power which helps lose weight. They are a good complement to combat cravings, eliminate eating anxiety, and eradicate constipation.

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