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Apple Watch Pro

Apple Watch Pro”: This is the nomenclature that appeared in an Apple document just shared by user @AppleDemoYT on social networks. The file in question comes from the software of a Cupertino watch that is not sold in stores, but could be studied by this passionate collector.

In reality, it is a “display unit”. In other words, this is an accessory which was never intended for customers but which could be tested in the Apple Store, then acting as a demonstration product. This dates back to 2015, when the very first Apple Watch saw the light of day. But no Pro model on the horizon, neither this year nor since, even though the Series 7 has just been released. Mystery…

Another edition in the pipeline?

Apple has not commented on the case, it is difficult here to disentangle the true from the false. This logo “Watch Pro”Could nevertheless be the sign that the manufacturer once imagined creating a high-end version of its connected watch, more expensive than the others and with a positioning similar to that of the iPhone 13 with the same suffix.

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Since no device of this ilk has finally seen the light of day in six years, it is however likely that Apple has finally abandoned the project. Note also that special editions of the first Watch, including one in gold, had been unveiled at the same time. Maybe the manufacturer was in fact talking about these products, and decided to change the name at the last moment?


Real relics of modern times

This is not the first time that this Twitter account has shared such findings with us. Recently, we were thus entitled to the discovery of a prototype of Apple Watch resembling an iPod. to the Numerobis.

For its part, it seems that Apple does not really appreciate this type of publication. But his grievances are currently more focused on informants, the source of major leaks about the firm’s upcoming announcements.

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