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date de sortie iOS 16

In June 2022, Apple introduced version 16 of its iOS operating system. For the occasion, we were also able to discover all its new features such as Face ID in landscape mode or Camera continuity. The developer, however, remained quite vague as to the precise release date of the software, only giving us a “this autumn” although heavy with meaning. Indeed, based on the history of the firm at the apple, we see that these two words are not the first of their kind…

Last year, Apple had given us the same clue concerning the release date of iOS 15. However, this version had finally arrived – as often – during the September 2021 keynote during which the iPhone 13 was also presented. and its three other variations. This therefore allows us to easily assume that iOS 16 will be deployed at the same time as the release of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, during the next Apple conference. According to the most recent information (here we are talking about data provided by Max Weinbach), this could be organized September 6.

What about delays?

If you follow the news of Tim Cook’s firm, you are probably aware that the release date of some of its operating systems is expected to be slowed down. This is not the first time that such concerns have been reported: already in 2020, macOS Big Sur was released in November while the iPhone 12s were released in October. Blame it on the pandemic COVID-19except that its effects are still being felt.

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As for the reasons given to justify a delay of iPadOS 16 from macOS Ventura, which could therefore not be present during the next keynote, this would be Stage Manager here. Fortunately, the release date of iOS 16 is not affected by this incidentwhich would therefore be confined to computers and tablets, the only ones entitled to this window management tool for the moment.

iOS 16 beta release date

While waiting to be able to try iOS 16 in the final version, you have the possibility of testing advanced versions. There too, we do not yet know the release date of the release candidates which will be the last betas before the public version. However, these are the ones that should be delivered with all the features announced by Apple in June 2022.

However, you can wait with the betas already available, which are already well supplied. Every iOS 16 beta release date is two weeks apart around, but it’s a range that can vary depending on how long it takes testers and the publisher to report and fix bugs. Moreover, it is important to remember that you take the serious risk of encountering it when you go to beta. Apple therefore advises to only touch these editions knowingly and especially not on an iPhone that you use to communicate with your family or your colleagues. At best, you’ll need a dedicated iPhone. At worst, an emulator.

iOS 16 release date


There are currently two types of beta versions for iOS 16. The first includes those that are deployed from the start but intended for developers only. Access to them is chargeable and restricted to professionals, because these versions are the victims of the greatest number of technical incidents. As for the second, these are the public betas which this time are intended for all curious (but cautious) users and which usually arrive a few hours or a few days after the release date of iOS 16 in developer beta.

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Last advice. If you do not want to miss the mark of the release date of iOS 16 in final version, make sure that your hardware is compatible first. Otherwise, you may have to go through other necessary updates, which takes more time.

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