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On iPhone and iPad, since versions 14 of iOS and iPadOS, it is possible to enjoy improved widgets. Unlike old widgets, they can be added to the home screen, which gives rise to great customization possibilities, thanks to third-party apps like Widgetsmith, presented here.

Let’s see in detail how these widgets work and their particularities.

How to add an enhanced widget

  • Go to the Today view and scroll all the way down to reach the “Edit” option
  • Press the “+” at the top left
iOS Widget Tutorial


  • Or in the home screen, keep pressing an application and choose “Modify the home screen” before pressing the “+”
Edit a widgetEdit a widget


  • Choose one of the widgets
List of WidgetsList of Widgets


  • Depending on the chosen widget, different types of displays are offered, generally small, medium and large, then select the desired one
Widget sizeWidget size


  • Validate by pressing “Add widget” then “OK”

The chosen widget has now been added, either in the “Today view” or in the home screen.

Widget previewWidget preview


It is possible to drag it to position it in a precise place and even to move it between the Today view and the home screen by holding the finger and the widget towards the edge of the screen, left or right depending on the intended target (Today view or Home screen).

drag widgetdrag widget


Special case of the Smart Stack

The Smart Battery is a set of several widgets in one. Its particularity is as follows: with a finger slide up or down, it is possible to display another widget among those it contains.

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How to Create a Smart Stack

To add this Smart Stack to the Today view or on its home screen, simply follow the same manipulation as explained above for adding a widget, then choose the “Smart Stack” widget .

Smart StackSmart Stack


Alternatively, in the Today view or on the Home screen, you can drag a classic widget onto another, which will have the consequence of automatically create a Smart Stack.

How to remove a Smart Stack widget

  • Hold a long press on the Smart Stack
  • Choose “Edit stack”
Edit Smart StackEdit Smart Stack


  • Among the widgets in the list, drag the ones you don’t want to keep to the left
  • Validate by pressing “Delete”
Delete a Smart Stack widgetDelete a Smart Stack widget


How to add a widget in the Smart Stack

It is a priori possible to add any widget in the smart stack. Here’s how :

  • Add to the Home screen or Today view the widget of interest, in the classic way
  • Make a long press on the widget, as if you would like to move it
  • Drag it onto the smart stack, so that the latter integrates it. Attention, this only works if we choose widgets of the same size
Add a widget to the Smart StackAdd a widget to the Smart Stack


Other Smart Stack Settings

The smart stack offers the following settings:

  • Smart Rotate : by making a long press on the smart stack, followed by the selection of the option “Edit stack”, you can activate or deactivate the smart rotation. When it is active, iOS automatically offers the widget most likely to be useful at a given time of day, at a specific place and according to the user’s data collected by the artificial intelligence Siri (like the smart suggestions from Siri showing up when searching Spotlight)
Smart RotateSmart Rotate


  • Widget order : under the “Smart rotation” option, all the widgets contained in the stack are therefore displayed. Note that it is possible to change the order of these. To do this, in the list, simply hold the three bars on the right with a long press and drag the corresponding widget to the desired position
Edit list of Smart Stack widgetsEdit list of Smart Stack widgets


Other details about the new widgets

It should be noted that widgets are somewhat limited, in that they only do not allow quick actions. For example, a long press on the Photos widget will not allow anything in particular, unlike the Photos app icon which can display different shortcuts thanks to Force Touch.

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Otherwise, all third-party apps will not unfortunately do not necessarily offer widgets. It depends on the developers.

Are you a big user of these widgets on your Home screen pages?

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