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Apple introduced in iOS in 2020 the functionality of the app library. This, as its name suggests, is presented as a list of applications installed on your iOS device, with some well thought-out features, such as a automatic smart storage.

The app library also hides a few little secrets. Let’s see all this in detail.

Introducing the App Library

Some prerequisites

First of all, you need to have iOS 14 on iPhone or iPadOS 15 on iPad, or later of one of the two systems.

Access to App Library

To access the app library, just go to the right of the already rightmost home screen page.

Open App Library


Smart groupings

A series of app groups is then displayed, arranged by 4. The groups are generated automatically. First, there is notably the “Suggestions” group, comprising the most frequently used applications, and the “Recent additions” group, comprising the latest downloads. Below, you will find groups like “Productivity”, “Social networks”, “Utilities”, etc.

App Library OverviewApp Library Overview


It is not possible to create a group yourself, everything is done automatically by iOS. It is also not possible to change position or group applications.

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The search bar

Above the groups is a search bar. Pressing it brings up the complete list of all the applications installed on the iOS device, listed in alphabetical order.

App library searchApp library search


Launching an app from the App Library

To launch an app from the app library, here are the possibilities:

  • In the presentation by grouping : make a simple press on the app of a group
App Library groupApp Library group


If the targeted app is not displayed, it is because it is in a group containing more than 4 apps. You must then press on the set of 4 apps visible at the bottom right of a group. This opens all the apps in this group in a comprehensive view.

Launch app libraryLaunch app library


  • Via the search bar : Find the app listed alphabetically after tapping the search bar, or type the first letter(s) of the app name before tapping “Search” on the keyboard or tapping directly on the app icon to open the app
Search and launch app librarySearch and launch app library


Settings for App Library

In the Settings app, under “Home screen”, it is possible to make adjustments for the app library:

All the App Library tips and tricksAll the App Library tips and tricks


  • New apps downloaded : By choosing “On home screen”, each newly downloaded application appears both on the home screen and in the app library. By choosing “App Library Only”, each newly downloaded app automatically appears only in the App Library
  • Notification badge : by activating “Show in the app library”, the notification badges are visible in the app library
app badges app libraryapp badges app library

On the left, pellets activated, on the right, pellets deactivated ©

The app library: for hidden apps

It is possible to use the app library to hide applications, or in any case leave them visible only in the app library.

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To make an app invisible from the home screen and leave it displayed only in the app library, there are two ways to do it.

That is :

  • On the home screen, press and hold an app icon
  • Choose “Delete app”
iOS screens to remove app from home screeniOS screens to remove app from home screen


  • Then “Remove from home screen”
iOS screen with app removal requestiOS screen with app removal request


That is

  • On the home screen, press and hold an app icon
  • Drag it all the way to the app library
  • Release the support
Drag app app libraryDrag app app library


Pull apps out of the App Library

To find an application on your home screen that is only in the app library, there are two ways to do it:

  • With a simple swipe : go to the app library to find the app to put back on the home screen. After a long press on its icon to enter app deletion mode, simply drag the app to the home screen of your choice
App Library and Apps to Home ScreenApp Library and Apps to Home Screen


  • Thanks to the option “On the home screen” : still in the app library, do a long press on the icon of the app to recover, before choosing the option “On the home screen”. The app in question is then back on your home screen
App Library and AppsApp Library and Apps


The app library can therefore make it possible to organize your apps better on the home screen. For example, you can remove apps that you rarely use from the home screen.

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Above all, remember that the Spotlight search, to be invoked by pulling your finger down from the top of the iOS device screen, easily finds the applications present in the app library. We can therefore largely get by with a single page of apps for the home screen, the most often used, and the rest of the apps present only in the app library. They would then be easily found via the Spotlight search, or even via Siri.

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