All the cars that Alex Rodríguez drives and in which he walks with JLo

Todos los autos que Alex Rodríguez maneja y en los que pasea junto a JLo

Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez they have a great love for cars. They each have their own cars, but obviously they ride together and have been photographed in them constantly.

So the question is: What luxury cars does A-Rod drive?

A-Rod’s net worth is roughly $ 350 million, so let’s say he has the ability to buy whatever he wants, which makes his car choices interesting.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The couple has been seen in Los Angeles in this car. JLo has been a fan of this luxury vehicle for a long time.


The BMW 3 Series is a compact executive car that is known for its easy yet sporty driving. BMW first made the 3 Series in 1975, so the car has definitely undergone changes.

BMW is proud of the 3 Series in its heritage and says: “The 3 Series brought power, agility and spirit to the everyday driver. In its seventh generation, that performance has only become more pronounced. “

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People say Rodriguez spent $ 300,000 for his Mercedes Maybach 57 S and even had his name on one or two Mercedes dealerships in the past. The Maybach 57 S went on sale in the early 2000s and, as far as we know, Rodriguez bought one in 2011.


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Rodriguez participated in the first Jeep Celebrity Custom Challenge in September 2018. The Custom Jeep started out as a base Sahara model. It retails for over $ 38,000.

During the challenge, Rodríguez decided to add matte black paint and some huge 26-inch Forgiato wheels. The four-door Jeep is decorated with heavily tinted windows.

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