All the details of the scandal between Laura Zapata and Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Todos los detalles del escándalo entre Laura Zapata y Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Laura Zapata has been in the eye of the hurricane for the last month after report abuse in the nursing home where his grandmother was and although he had support from some, he also received harsh criticism from others, one of them was the driver Gustavo Adolfo Infante who through his program First hand touched on the subject and even got into a fight with the actress’s lawyer. And if you are not aware here we will tell you what happens between the two of them.

In a recent broadcast of his program, Gustavo Adolfo invited Zapata’s lawyer to resolve some doubts about the case facing the family, however the driver was harshly attacked on social media Due to his behavior during the interview, as many considered that he did not ask the necessary questions and only showed a bad temper towards the answers that the professional was giving him.

In addition to the criticism he received from users of social networks, Zapata also spoke out against the presenter and on his official Twitter account not only shared the comments of those who criticized him, he also called him a “worm” and defended his lawyer .

This is not the first time that both controversial figures star in a fight, in 2014 the driver spoke about the relationship of Zapata and his sisters during your program Last word However, this did not please the actress who through her Twitter account asked to speak live during the Infante show, she also called him “a detestable being” and “cowardly”.

Adolfo Infante responded to these offenses by telling her that she was “an elderly woman who believes she deserves everything.” At that time the controversy did not pass to adults. Could it be that now they let it pass?

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