Already a problem with iOS 15.4 on some iPhones?

iPhone 13 Pro

Recently, a new version of iOS 15 is available for all compatible smartphones. There are several major new features, including additional emojis and the arrival of the Universal Command feature. But beyond these advantages, a bug would spoil the party for users who shared their disappointment on social networks.

Via the official forums of Apple, on Twitter or on Reddit, they are indeed relatively numerous to complain about a battery draining too quickly. In any case, much faster than before the update, which is still quite difficult to measure, although the extent of the phenomenon seems considerable.

Affected devices

The testimonies speak here mainly of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the two most expensive mobiles currently offered by Apple. We don’t know exactly which models are affected, but the list could be longer. Note that at the same time, a vast majority of Internet users point out that the autonomy is on the contrary better since the deployment of iOS 15.4 for all.

For its part, the publisher asks wait a little more before jumping to too hasty conclusions. But if the reports multiply more, it is still a safe bet that an investigation will be triggered internally to identify the cause of the problem before, possibly, proposing a fix. In general, this procedure is handled quite quickly.

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No solution yet…

Until then, the best thing is to equip yourself with a external battery because no reliable alternative has emerged yet. Victims can also go to Settings (menu Battery) to view energy expenditure statistics and try to identify the most greedy apps.

Have you also noticed a reduced autonomy with iOS 15.4 on your iPhone? If so, with which model?

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