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MacBook Air M2 vue clavier

Yesterday, Apple launched pre-orders for its new flagship computer, the MacBook Air M2. It was expected that stocks would be insufficient to meet demand, and that is what happened. Indeed, certain machine finishes and configurations have seen their delivery times increase, going as far as second week of august in some cases. See for example the delivery times announced by Apple according to the finish:

  • Midnight finish: delivery announced the week of August 2nd
  • In Stellar Light finish: delivery announced during the week of July 15 for the 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage version, and during the week of July 26 if 16 GB or 24 GB of RAM
  • Space Gray finish: no configuration delivered before July 26
  • In Silver finish: you are delivered from the week of July 15 in the basic configuration, and from July 26 if you upgrade to 16 or 24 GB of RAM

As we can see, at Apple in any case, the MacBook Air M2 Midnight finish seems to be the most popular. Or was there less in stock? Still, it seems to be more difficult to quickly get your hands on the computer in this dark blue version. But all is not lost, if you are in a hurry and/or very interested in buying what seems to be one of the best laptops of the moment for its price. Indeed, third-party resellers such as Darty, La Fnac or Boulanger still offer something to satisfy you:

  • At the house of Darty : Darty announces deliveries from next July 15even in Midnight and Space Gray finishes
  • At the house of Baker : the Midnight finish is still announced for delivery within 8 days, i.e. from Saturday next July 16. Same for the other finishes.
  • To the Fnac : ditto at Fnac, deliveries are currently indicated for the July 15thwithout any delay, regardless of the finish
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It would seem a priori that third-party resellers do not yet have a problem of stock to meet demand. Do not hesitate to go see one of these three merchants rather than Apple if you want to receive your MacBook as soon as possible.

Remember that the first deliveries of the beast will be made from next Friday, for those who placed their order first. The machine will also appear on the shelves in stores on this date.

Did you order a MacBook Air M2? If so, with what finish and what configuration? And with what delivery time announced?

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