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AMC will give away NFT's of Spider-Man to people who reserve tickets for the premiere of the new movie - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

This would be the first foray of AMC in the world of NFT. The company gained notoriety within the crypto ecosystem by accepting various currencies as a means of payment.


The important chain of cinemas and producer of both series and films in the US, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., officially makes its way into the digital collectibles space as it will give away thousands of NFT’s from Spider-man to all those who reserve tickets to see the third film of the iconic hero of Marvel, which will premiere on December 16.

As such, in alliance with Sony Pictures, AMC will distribute a total of 86,000 NFT of Spider-Man from next December 22 among those who have bought a ticket for the premiere of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and are members of AMC Stubs, Premiere, A-List or Investor Connect.

ACM to distribute Spider-Man NFTs

According to the CEO of AMC, Adam Aron, after this announcement there has been a significant upturn in the number of tickets sold through the official pages, registering the highest figures in the history of the company.

In a statement published by the company, the managers reveal that the NFT They were in high demand by both long-time shareholder clients of the chain, so the distribution of the Spider-Man collectibles will be the first gift of its kind that they will give to the fans who reserve their tickets for the premiere of the film.

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As such, the NFT from Spider-man distributed by AMC will operate over the network Blockchain WAX, which is adjusted to the needs of the company while its operation does not imply such a pronounced carbon footprint.

AMC and cryptocurrencies

In recent times, the chain of cinemas AMC It is listed as one of the most notable in relation to cryptocurrencies, precisely because in recent times it made several announcements in which it said that it accepted some as a means of payment for its tickets.

Among the currencies that users can use as a means of payment are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. In another recently released statement, the company indicated that it also had plans to add support for Shiba Inu, precisely attending to the demand of the clients.

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