AMP stories: let’s discover this marketing tool

amp stories

This format, proposed by Google, highlights its web page in an interactive story format like those found on social networks. Find out how useful and how to integrate AMP stories into your content marketing strategy.

What is the AMP format?

The AMP format (Accelerated Mobile Pages or in French, accelerator of pages on mobile) is a file format launched at the beginning of 2016.

This format speeds up the display of a web page when the user consults it from a mobile device, tablet or smartphone.

It adapts to new technological uses, given that Internet users spend much more time on their mobile than on their computer.

AMP stories are inspired by Snapchat’s Discover function and other story formats that we see everywhere on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

This format is more suited to today’s uses than the classic AMP format since it incorporates the visual dimension. Its objective: to tell a story to the Internet user by associating textual content and visual content (illustrations, photos and videos).

Thanks to this vertical format, more dedicated to media sites, Internet users can easily navigate from one news item to another, without having to click on a SERP link each time.

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As with the classic AMP format, AMP stories are distinguished by the extreme speed of page loading.

The AMP format speeds up the loading of a web page. Its principle: only allow the execution of JavaScript asynchronously, to prevent it from blocking code on the website.

For the creation of interactive pages, we will therefore not write JavaScript code, but create personalized elements using JavaScript in batches. How? ‘Or’ What ? With a specific structure so as not to block the rendering of pages or the use of extensions.

Why integrate AMP stories into your content marketing strategy?

AMP stories are useful for setting up a content strategy. Their use has several objectives such as increasing:

  • your visibility in search results;
  • your website traffic;
  • of your conversion rate.

Sites that use the AMP stories format are placed at the top of the SERP since Google values, among other characteristics, the speed of display of websites.

Adopting this format is therefore a springboard for improving your visibility and your click-through rate, and therefore by extension, your conversion rate.

Interactive and attractive, the AMP stories format fits perfectly into an SEO strategy.

In addition, AMP stories have a strong storytelling power, increasingly at the heart of content marketing strategies.

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Indeed, drowned in the mass of competing products and services, Internet users are turning away from brands with too classic advertising discourse.

What works today are brands that tell a story, like Michel et Augustin, Innocent, Lego, Netflix…

AMP Stories: tell me a story!

The AMP stories format is a good tool for telling a story by associating text with image.

Easy to distribute, they are shared and integrated on many sites and applications. It is an accessible format for all. Free and easy to set up, AMP stories do not require specific coding or graphics skills.

What knowledge do you need to have to create it?

They are very basic (HTML, CSS, Javascript)! And are generally already known to the marketing departments of the brands. Otherwise, there is always the possibility of using a communication agency.

Finally, once mastered, the AMP stories format offers multiple possibilities. You can, in fact, insert CTA buttons in order to redirect the Internet user to:

  • your web page,
  • a landing page,
  • or a conversion form.

A very useful feature to boost your conversion rate!

Creating AMP stories requires basic coding knowledge. But don’t worry, nothing too complicated! While the classic AMP format favored textual content, in AMP stories video or visual content (images, animations, illustrations, etc.) is favored.

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To make your work easier, Google provides you with AMP story templates that you can then customize.

A tutorial is also available here

If this tutorial seems too complicated? Do not hesitate to call on our agency. It is better to outsource than to touch the code of your web page without being sure of what you are doing.

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