an all-in-one partnership management application for influencers

Considered as a medium in its own right, influencers today place themselves as prescribers with their audience and represent a powerful acquisition lever for brands in terms of notoriety, engagement and conversion. Are you an influencer and you receive several partnership requests per day? Don’t you know how to manage them effectively? Or, Are you a brand looking for influencer profiles for your next campaign? You are in the right place!

What is the relationship between the influencer marketing and the brand?

The importance of contractualize a brand – influencer collaboration. Whether paid or unpaid, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing an influencer breaking the initial brief or a brand breaking their word. It is therefore essential toestablish a healthy and trusting relationship on both sides. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, from managing the partnership to drafting a contract, the process can sometimes be long and tedious. We have a solution that could solve your problem: Vloug, an influencer partnership management application.

Vloug simplifies the management of sponsored partnerships between influencers and companies

Newly arrived on the market only a few weeks ago, Vloug is the first partnership management application created primarily for influencers. Created with the help of influencers, it is presented as an application that will allow contractualize collaborations between brands and influencers while maintaining control over partnerships.

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Here is an overview of the features that you can find on the Vloug application:

  • Development of partnership requests: Vloug offers your influencer profile to companies likely to be interested in your content.
  • Secure payment: you are sure to receive your money and on time.
  • Automatic management of contracts and invoices: the application is responsible for producing invoices and drafting contracts. A huge time saving which makes collaboration smoother.
  • Monitoring of the evolution of generated turnover
  • Centralization of partnership requests in a single tool

For more transparency on both sides and to avoid excessively long exchanges, your prices must be directly visible on your profile.

The app is available for free on Android and iOS. To get it, just download it and create your profile. Nothing could be simpler, once the profile is created, you add the link in your Instagram bio, YouTube description or directly by email when brands contact you!

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