an announcement hidden in the beta code?

HomePod mini vue du dessus

This Monday evening was held the WWDC, Apple’s annual conference dedicated entirely to developers. While a few hardware products slipped into the flood of announcements, the vast majority of this keynote will have been dedicated to iOS 16, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

But even with nearly 40 minutes of conference dedicated to the iPhone system, Craig Federighi’s teams have not said everything. So the question now is whether this oversight was voluntary or not. Because the first users of the beta version of iOS 16 found amazing things in the very code of this software version.

A 2nd HomePod of the name?

Indeed, there is mention of a HomePod which is not the current model, nor even its Mini version. It was enough for the whole small sphere of experts and analysts who revolve around the company at the apple to go there with its theory. For many, this is a sign of the imminent arrival of a new HomePod model.

But for others, who think that Apple is smarter than that, all this would only be a set-up organized by Tim Cook’s teams to make people believe in the imminent arrival of a new generation HomePod, so nothing like that is in the works. An idea not so surprising especially when you know that Apple is quite fond of these false rumors circulating around the brand.

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A fake ad created from scratch by Apple?

The latter likes to cultivate a certain secrecy around its announcements and in the absence of being able to prevent any leaks, the thinking heads of Apple have found it good to leak certain erroneous information, in order to keep doubt in the minds of the general public.

This small reference to a HomePod in a line of code of a beta version of iOS 16 should therefore in no way be information taken as evidence. Just one more clue, which requires others, to show that Apple is preparing a new HomePod.

But as always with the Apple brand, we will surely have to wait for a keynote for the announcement to be official and for us to know the product in every detail.

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