an Apple Silicon chip should arrive in 2022


For a little less than 18 months, Apple has been making a transition, for the moment very successful, aimed at moving from Intel chips to in-house chips, made by Apple and optimized to operate under the OS of the computers of the Cupertino company. A radical change after more than 10 years of partnership with Intel, but which seems to be bearing fruit.

Indeed, Apple presented the M1 chip in November 2020, causing an earthquake in the tech world. Apple’s chip was overpowered, capable of outperforming all laptops on the market. But since then, Apple has not stopped there. The Cupertino company presented the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips at the end of last year, which still ridicule the competition.

Apple Silicon on Mac Pro yes, but no M2

But while the transition to Apple Silicon is well underway, an apple product remains on the sidelines of this evolution for the moment: the Mac Pro. These desktop computers from Apple have always been products aimed at a specific audience, and the models are not updated every year.

But while the latest version of the Mac Pro dates from November 2019, three years later, we should be entitled to a new generation of this computer. According to information from DylanDKT, a new range is therefore expected for the end of 2022, which should be the first to welcome an Apple Silicon chip.

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Also according to information and revelations from DylanDKT, the chip in the new Mac Pro should not be an “M2” chip, which will be reserved for MacBook Pros this year. Mac Pros will get an evolution of the M1 chip, an all-new version of the chip that offers even more power than the M1 Max chip now available in Apple’s 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

A transition almost complete

As a reminder, Apple first updated the MacBook Air and Pro as well as the Mac Mini with the very first version of the M1 chip. At the start of 2021, it was therefore the turn of the iMacs to be equipped with an M1 chip, so only the Mac Pros remain which have not yet taken the plunge.

As a reminder, Apple computers with Intel chips are still available for purchase on the apple store, these devices are necessary for the use of certain very specific software which has not yet taken into account the new architecture of Apple’s M chips.

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