An asset of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra soon on iPhone?

Wi-Fi iPhone et iOS 14

Next year, Apple is expected to offer a new and improved iPhone as usual. However, the manufacturer has a policy of not revealing anything about its future products before their announcement, so that only rumors can possibly tell us more about this for the moment. And precisely, Ming-Chi Kuo, renowned analyst of the Californian brand, has a lot to spare.

The specialist believes that the iPhone 14 (the name remains to be confirmed, this is also only a guess) will have a Wi-Fi 6E chip. The goal? Guarantee better connectivity also faster, via open frequency bands and limiting the number of interference. This system is already found on several competing mobiles, but also on routers like the Xiaomi Mi AX6000.

A boost for VR

Another Apple device that Kuo announces compatible with Wi-Fi 6E: a virtual reality headset. We are talking about an accessory that should not see the light of day for many months, however performance issues for data transfer have already been mentioned for this product. As recently as yesterday, the investment bank Morgan Stanley considered that the underlying issue of 5G was a real challenge within this probably very gaming oriented project.

By imagining that several film or series viewing sessions with TV + and SharePlay are also part of three dimensions, it is indeed obvious that a fast speed will be absolutely necessary so as not to encounter any problem during the discussions. The video stream consumes a lot, and even today with the powerful modem of MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip, slowdowns can still occur.

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Democratization in sight

For now, the number of smartphones equipped with Wi-Fi 6E is, it must be said, quite small. We can notably mention the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung, while the Snapdragon 888 processor from the founder Qualcomm supports this standard with integration into many high-end mobiles. The arrival of the network under the hood of the iPhone 14 could also seriously encourage competition to be up to date, with by following mass production within Asian supply chains.

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