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According to a recent rumor, the iPhone 12 mini introduced in late 2020 may have a successor this year. However, everything suggests so far that the format does not appeal enough and that Apple with this model would have missed its target.

Indeed, on the one hand, the latest generation model that sells the best is the iPhone 12 Pro. On the other hand, as several market analysis firms have announced recently, the iPhone 12 mini would be the least popular of the iPhone 12, so much so that Apple would even consider stopping production as soon as possible. next spring.

As says our colleague Ed Hardy from the site, it is true that in 2020, the release of this iPhone 12 mini was surprising. We can observe that, for a while now, the smartphone trend has been increasing the screen size. Not that manufacturers are pushing for it, but users are increasingly fond of large devices.

And this is normal, test a smartphone with a screen larger than the one that equips your current model for a while and it will be almost impossible for you to reverse it. With a larger screen, the user becomes more comfortable to use. This is even more the case nowadays when the smartphone has become a real pocket computer that we take out to read, listen to music, but also and especially to watch videos.

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What could be worse than watching a series, a movie or YouTube videos on a screen that is too small?

If the iPhone 12 mini had it all …

The iPhone 12 mini has the same strengths as the iPhone 12. It is simply smaller (5.4 inches diagonally for the 12 mini against 6.1 for the 12). Also, it is cheaper than the big brother. And yet, sales of the iPhone 12 would have crushed those of iPhone 12 mini.

Apple gave it a go and therefore missed the boat. However, there is no lack of data to realize that small smartphones attract less and less users. Research from 2020 by Counterpoint shows, for example, that from 2019 to 2020, interest in smartphones with less than 6 inches of screen diagonal only decreased over the months. In December 2020, according to Counterpoint, out of 100 potential smartphone buyers, 90 said they were interested in a model of more than 6 inches in screen diagonal, compared to 10 interested in a model of less than 6 inches.

Double or quits ?

So is Apple going to release a new 5.4-inch iPhone this year to take over from the 12 mini despite this low interest from the general public for such a format? At this point, the rumors contradict each other on the subject. One would imagine that the Californian doesn’t offer an iPhone 12s mini this year, but keep the case of the 12 mini under the elbow to make it an iPhone SE 3 in 2020.

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Or, the poor sales of iPhone 12 mini can be linked to the various lockdowns that have taken place across the world in recent months, which has not encouraged the purchase of a smartphone better suited for the outside the house. Added to this the fact that the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, both still in the catalog and displayed at more affordable prices than the iPhone 12 mini, would have prevented the iPhone 12 mini from making its nest. Thus, by reorganizing its range and hoping for a better pandemic level in the coming months, Apple could fully bet on the release of a new mini model in 2021.

For my part, I would not bet at the time of publication of this article not a euro on the arrival of an iPhone 12s mini this year. And you ?

And what do you think, are smartphones less than 6 inches doomed to disappear or will they still have a place in the market?

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