An even more flexible Concentration mode in 2022


iOS 16 It seems to have some surprises in store for us, in terms of health but also notifications. The Concentration mode in particular, which allows you to configure profiles to receive or not each alert according to your needs and the moment, could be updated for the occasion. This week reveals 9to5Mac after having dissected the source code published by Apple.

It is behind iOS 15.5 in beta that the information in question is hidden. The software indeed mentions that certain Concentration settings may no longer be compatible with this version or with macOS Monterey, which suggests that they will therefore be offered with the following versions only. These are expected for the month of septemberif the Cupertino publisher does not deviate from his habits.

What is Concentration mode exactly?

If you already know the mode Do not disturb, then it’s pretty straightforward to understand the ins and outs of Focus Mode. This is also to block certain notifications but with even more leeway. For example, one can imagine creating a Driving mode where only messages from Apple Maps are received but blocking calls and SMS to stay focused on the route to follow.

Another scenario: the work, for which a user can choose to be notified only when exchanges take place on Slack or when a conversation begins on the company’s Google Meet. Similarly, the creation of other modes is open and unlimited depending on applications, contacts and different times of the day.

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See you at WWDC

Like every year, iOS 16 will probably be presented during the Worldwide Developer Conference organized by Apple in the United States June 6. Training sessions for developers will then be offered throughout the event, until the 10th. Indications on how to integrate their services with Concentration mode are expected there, logically.

This content can also be followed online, for those who cannot go to California. For two years, moreover, it is only in streaming that these courses took place, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Santa Clara County advised companies like Apple to limit public reception in closed places to avoid further spreading the disease.

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