An iconic iPhone feature is going away

Face ID

Next September, new iPhones should arrive. It would be the 14 models. According to recent rumors, the Face ID notch should disappear on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. It would be replaced by a pill and a punch, still at the top of the front screen. It is not until 2023 that the notch will completely disappear from all iPhones. In any case, this is what Ross Young says, supporting previous rumors elsewhere.

Indeed, in a last tweet, the consultant specializing in the mobile screen industry announced that all iPhone 15, Pro and non-Pro, would enjoy this new design with pill and punch.

It is based on a technological timeline set up according to the technologies currently available and usable by manufacturers, and those to come in the coming years.

Thus, according to this plan, we would be entitled to the pill and the punch on iPhone 14 Pro, on iPhone 15 Pro and not Pro and on iPhone 16 not Pro. The iPhone 16 Pro, or in any case the high-end models of iOS smartphones from 2024, would then switch to a mixture of under-screen and punch sensors. The pill-shaped opening would then be abandoned.

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Note that the notch for Face ID has been present on iPhone since the X model released in 2017. It changed slightly in size on the iPhone 12 of 2021, but it was barely noticeable. For 5 years now, the design of iPhones on the front has always been the same. This notch, initially criticized, has become the symbol of an iPhone Face ID.

Are you looking forward to it disappearing? Or have you got used to it and its presence no longer bothers you?

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