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MacBook Pro et boîte

Informant Dylan, known on Twitter as Dylandkt, yesterday, shortly after the announcement of Apple’s next conference, made further revelations. According to him, the next Apple silicon MacBook Pro, which should be the stars of the October 18 keynote, will display the following characteristics:

  • Two models: 14 and 16 inch screen diagonal
  • Screen : with panel taking advantage of miniLED technology, already seen on the latest iPad Pro
  • Processor : new generation of Apple silicon M1X chip
  • Webcam: change to 1080p (instead of 720 for previous generations). The new iMac presented last spring benefits from the same improvement
  • Storage : 512 GB basic
  • RAM: 16 GB basic
  • Box: design with edges around the screen a little thinner than on current MacBooks. This change would cause the MacBook Pro logo to disappear below the screen, just above the hinge.
  • Price : no big difference between the 14 ″ model and the 16 ″ model, but a significant additional cost compared to the 13 ″ M1 model from last year

Several points should be noted regarding these predictions. According to Dylan, both 14 and 16-inch MacBooks would be just as powerful as each other, integrating the same chip and the same amount of RAM in the base version. What would differentiate the two models will therefore only be the size of the screen.

Otherwise, we can expect these new MacBook Pros to join the current range without chasing other products. Thus, after the keynote which should present these new machines, the buyer could choose between three MacBook Pro models :

  • MacBook Pro M1 (2020): with Apple silicon M1 chip, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage in basic version
  • MacBook Pro M1X 14 ″: with Apple silicon M1X chip, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB in basic version
  • MacBook Pro M1X 16 ″: with Apple silicon M1X chip, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB in basic version
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One would expect, however, that the old 16 ″ MacBook Pro with Intel chip would disappear. In addition, the Touch Bar could meet the same fate. Note, however, the potential return of the SD card port and a MagSafe connector for recharging!

Note that this information should be considered with caution, especially since the source displays an AppleTrack score of accuracy of predictions of only 75%.

And the 120 Hz?

If Dylan specifies in a tweet that he has no information regarding the ability of the screen of the next MacBook Pro to have a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, according to analyst Ross Yougn, it should be the case.

This is another novelty that should offer what looks like a major renewal for the MacBook Pro range.

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