An investigation calls into question the effectiveness of the App Tracking Transparency

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Last May, the iOS 14.5 update launched the Tracking Transparency App. This is a major change in the protection of personal data. Thus, if an application retrieves and transmits information to third parties, it must notify the user. The latter is then able to accept or refuse this follow-up.

The measure greatly displeased companies like Facebook and Snap, whose economic model is primarily based on collecting our data for advertising targeting purposes. According to a survey by Financial Times, the latter would nevertheless have found a flaw in this new tool.

Data recovered, even if the user disagrees

The British newspaper thus indicates that developers are still able to collect signals from iPhones at the user level if they are ” anonymized and aggregated Rather than tied to specific user groups. Therefore, a company like Snap is able to share the data of its 306 million users, and even of those who have requested the follow-up, indicate our colleagues.

Concretely, it is therefore an interpretation of the message of the mark to the apple which indicated that the applications cannot recover the data of a single device to target a single person. Therefore, tracking of a phone’s signals at a group level could be allowed.

That said, there is no indication that Apple has given its consent to the developers and for the time being, the company has not wished to respond to the Financial Times. ????To note that?? this is not the first time that the effectiveness of App Tracking Transparency has been called into question. This summer we returned in particular to another survey conducted by the Washington post.

The American media explained that the developers would continue to collect personal data and exchange it with third parties, even if Internet users have requested the opposite.

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