An iPhone SE very close to 200 euros? It’s possible

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Mark Gurman signed a new report as part of his daily newsletter sent last night to interested parties. In the latter, he discussed the price of the iPhone SE. He also talked about a pretty amazing next product Apple is rumored to be planning right now.

The iPhone SE under $200!

During a next keynote, which the source announces for the date of March 8, Apple should announce a new iPhone SE 5G (detailed here) as well as a new iPad.

We can think that the new generation iPhone SE takes the place of the old model, as the latter had replaced the very first generation of the product.

But according to Mark Gurman, Apple could keep the two iPhone SEs on the shelves: the one from 2022, with 5G, and the one released in 2020. Thus, the Californian firm would take the opportunity to lower the price of the second. While it currently costs €489 ($399 on the US Apple site), the analyst says it could drop below $200 after the new model is released.

In euro-dollar price equivalence, this would place the machine at around 220 euros with us (the Apple Watch Series 3 for example costs $199 across the Atlantic, €219 in France).

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It would obviously be a big move from Tim Cook. Indeed, having an iPhone at such a price would make it possible to reach the entry-level segment of the smartphone market rather aggressively. But this is precisely where Apple is currently fishing. An iPhone for less than $200 could notably be a hit in emerging markets.

When iPad and MacBook merge

Another bomb dropped by Mark Gurman in his newsletter, that of a new product being planned in the Cupertino laboratories. It would be about a device halfway between an iPad and a MacBook. The machine would be equipped with a 20-inch diagonal screen, possibly foldable. For this same project, Apple would also consider the idea of ​​a screen to be connected to a physical keyboard, like what the iPads can already do with the Smart Keyboard. The analyst close to the chains of production of Apple, Ross Young, confirmed the existence of this project. However, this does not guarantee the arrival on the market of such a hybrid animal.

So which of these two pieces of information surprises you the most? iPhone SE under $200 or iPad-MacBook merger?

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