an iPhone that lets applications have multiple windows

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The initial idea is very simple. Allow applications on an iPhone to open multiple windows of the same application. A little nothing, which would however make all the difference. Arrived on iPad with iPadOS 13, this feature, which seems to be only a detail, however radically changes the use that we can have of the Apple tablet. The latter has since become a “touchscreen ultra-portable computer” rather than the “too big phone” it was until now.

In this concept, the iPhone would take this evolution of the iPad and would in turn become more practical to use. In particular in cases where the same application must be used several times. The idea could take shape in two different ways.

Either the windows of each application are “stacked” on top of each other, or the windows would all be visible, like what already exists with applications on iPhone. In both cases, the concept imagines that the windows close in the same way as “classic” applications with a simple swipe up. Nothing revolutionary, yet the change on iPad was radical, it would be just as much on iPhone.

This idea comes a few weeks after rumors have spoken of the possibility of having several sessions on the same iPad or iPhone, another revolution in the Apple OS that is currently being studied by Cupertino. .

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A necessary change?

In the article that accompanies this idea, the creator of this concept explains that it is common knowledge that Safari needs a graphic overhaul. After the home screen in September, and the arrival of Widgets, and the App Store a few years ago, Apple’s browser must be entitled to its spring makeover.

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The idea of ​​introducing more windows could kill two birds with one stone for Apple. An innovation which would not be, in addition, very complex to set up, since it already exists in iPad. An innovation that could see the light of day with the arrival of iOS 15 during this year 2021? The idea remains to be meditated on the side of Cupertino.

an iPhone that lets applications have multiple windows

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