An NGO challenges Apple with a giant banner in front of its premises


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has struck again. Also with a view to protesting against the analysis of iCloud photos by Apple, the organization thus took off a small plane last week in order to directly question the Californian teams of the brand on this matter. In the wake of the aircraft, we can read the following message, very ambiguous:


As the EFF specifies in a press release published on its blog, it is a question here of defending the “confidentiality”And“security”Yet advocated by Apple although endangered by iOS with the search for CSAM content. Indeed, it is by potentially accessing the personal photos of thousands of Internet users that real questions of neutrality can arise. All the more so since certain large-scale countries such as Russia have a major influence on this type of decision, which is increasingly criticized internationally.

Suspended project

On September 3, after apparently hearing the protests of its audience, Apple finally announced that it was putting the development of its anti-child pornography tools on hold. But for EFF, that’s just not enough. The proof with this large banner that appeared in the sky over Apple Park ten days later, on the occasion of the keynote California Streaming.

During the event, we were able to officially discover the iPhone 13, the Watch Series 7 and the release date of iOS 15, now available. Privacy, which is “not to sell”For the EFF, was also mentioned but not as much as previously. Instead, the focus has been more on the subject of imagery with for example the Cinematic mode which is able to blur the backgrounds in video, as the eponymous Portrait option already does for snapshots.

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The old offices too

Beyond Apple Park, the Electronic Frontier Foundation aircraft also flew over the address at 1 Infinite Loop. This is where Apple’s headquarters was located before it moved to its giant circle-shaped building. Most of the employees who worked there have since moved, but the message is there and remains clear.

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