An old acquaintance returns to Mourinho’s side in Roma

Matic con Mourinho

The football path Nemanja Matic rejoins José Mourinho’s. The 33-year-old Serbian midfielder is going to sign with the Rome for one season with the option of another and it is that according to Sky Sports the only thing missing is the signature to make it a reality.

Photo by Matic

Matic’s arrival in Rome is largely motivated by the presence of Mourinho on the bench of the Conference League champion. Both already agreed on the Chelsea and in the Man Utd. Now they will do it again Italy. matic will become the second signing at zero cost of the giallorossi after the incorporation of Mile Svilar from Benfica.

Shield/Flag Rome

The long career of matic started in the Kosice from Slovakia to live his first stage in the Chelsea. Before returning he wore the shirt of the vitesse in the Netherlands and the benfica in Portugal. Already in 2013 he wears the ‘blue’ elastic again until in 2017 he becomes a red devil with the Man Utd. Now all his roads point to Rome.


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