An old iPhone is worth twice as much as an Android model

Duel Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

The BankMyCell website specializes in exchanging mobile phones. He follows the prices of the latter to know when it is most interesting to sell them. In one of the latest documents published by the site, the latter explains that a one-year-old iPhone will always be worth twice that of a premium Android phone that is also one year old.

The data is in percentage, so the drop can be compared across two phones that don’t have the same starting price. According to figures from BankMyCell, the iPhone will therefore have a devaluation of 16% in its first year, if this may seem excessive, a similar Android model would have a price drop of nearly a third. A figure that the iPhone reached after two years of seniority. BankMyCell notes that Android phones typically lose half of their value in their first 18-24 months of use.

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The report explains that this gap in smartphone price depreciation is just as valid for new and still packaged phones. Again the iPhones are doing better than the Android models which lose more value.

For example, the iPhone 11 lost 12% of its value during the year 2020. In comparison, the Samsung model, the Galaxy S20, released at the beginning of last year lost 34% of its value. his value. Even more impressive, the evolution of prices around the larger phones of the two brands. Apple saw its iPhone 11 Pro Max lose 15% of its value when its direct competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, lost more than 35% of its price in nine months.

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How to explain this drop in prices?

If no explanation for this difference in price depreciation has been given by the BankMyCell site at the origin of these figures, the difference between OS, iOS and Android, seems to be the main argument on this price difference. However, it is still surprising to see such a sharp drop in “premium” Android models which benefit, in the same way as an iPhone, from very regular updating of their operating system.

Another plausible argument to explain this price variation is competition. The iPhones do not compete with each other very much, and the models remain “the phone of the year” for the Apple, until a new generation takes over. At Android the competition is much tougher and new models are released every month, causing prices to plummet.

An old iPhone is worth twice as much as an Android model

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