An operator bans the use of VPN on iPhone

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Telefonica, Orange, Vodafone or even T-Mobile: here are the names of the four major access providers who are positioning themselves against the ICloud Private Relay. This tool, which arrived with the latest version of the iPhone operating system, allows you to better protect your online anonymity, with, among other things, a temporary IP address and encrypted DNS connections.

Sadly, as reported The Telegraph, operators do not hear it that way. Indeed, for them it is once again a sign of dominant position from Apple, which is hurting other businesses.

Why is it blocking?

In reality, this opposition hides much darker motivations since it happens that the government solicits the ISPs in order to identify possible pirates, suspected terrorists or quite simply the holders of child pornography images. And this is not surprising, since the same requests are regularly made to Apple directly.

The concern is therefore that the use of iCloud Private Relay – which is chargeable – limits this transfer of information, making more difficult to deliver suspects to the authorities.

The first customers concerned

To remedy this, an operator has already started blocking iCloud Private Relay: T-Mobile. As you probably know this company does not offer packages in France, but it can be found in Germany, Poland, the United States or the United Kingdom.

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So no worries about your own subscription for the moment, but you should be careful. It would indeed not be surprising to see Orange follow the movement in France.

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